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Wellness Gourmet Products from Earthrise Organics Private Limited | FREE SHIPPING in INDIA above Rs.1200/-| Enjoy Natural Taste & Aroma

The Gourmet World Of....

Earthrise Organics Private Limited

Spreading Happiness!

Indiantattva-India's Leading Brand for Gourmet Products
fresh | ethical | pure
“ We want people to stay nutritionally healthy and happy with an objective to care, protect, value and transmit a healthy lifestyle ”

"According to various Indian schools of philosophy, a tattva is an element or aspect of Reality, the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within a system. We all are connected in an ever evolving system of life. A life filled with surprises...The eternal bond between Mother Earth & Us starts with the root and grows towards the sky".

Indiantatattva an effort to provide you with most authentic Gourmet Food Products!

Our mission is to promote diverse, healthy, conscious food cultures where eating and sharing food is an act of love-for yourself, your community, and for the environment.


Indiantattva's premium, pure, raw Wild Flora and Exotic Flora Honey are extracted, unblended and cold-filtered to preserve the natural proteins, vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, and useful enzymes. Our hives are sited in carefully picked wildflower meadows during the year to ensure that the bees can produce the best raw honey in India.

Indiantattva's Wild Flora and Exotic Flora Honey are pure, natural, raw, and unprocessed. It has been tested free of artificial additives, colouring agents or preservative. Its colour & flavours depends directly on the source (wildflowers in this case) of the nectar.

Obtained from the traditional beekeepers of Meghalaya with years of indigenous knowledge, Indiantattva's pure wildflower honey (Multiflora Honey) is obtained from sun-soaked pollens and nectar collected by bees in the different months.The beekeepers plant the flowers that the bees love or place the hive in a habitat filled with wildflowers. Hence the flavour of this honey comes from the wildflowers growing naturally around the bee's nest.

Derived from the nectar of different flowers, Indiantattva's Wild Flora & Exotic Flora Honey is raw and has a beautiful dark golden colour with a smooth consistency. It has a light; fruity and very rich flavour and you can taste a distinct floral undertone that lingers in your taste buds.

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Indigenous Meghalaya Ginger

Earthrise Organics Ing Makhir Ginger is a species of ginger that grows in Meghalaya.Known to be one of the most potent ginger varieties in the world, the Ing Makhir Ginger is Meghalaya’s finest ginger variety. Grown naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, the Ing Makhir is extremely rich as compared to regular ginger varieties which are available in the market.

Ing Makhir variety of ginger native to Meghalaya is highly valued for its strong medicinal properties as compared to the common ginger root. Ing Makhir contains zingiberene, an essential oil that contributes its strong distinct flavour.

Ing Makhir has a relatively stronger smell and has an overpowering flavour than regular ginger, it is smaller in size and has a darker yellow flesh. It is a well-known root among the people in Meghalaya, it is used as a spice as well as an ingredient in herbal medicine.

Ing Makhir is a pale-yellow coloured powder with a very potent taste and a hot flavour. The chemical compounds, 6-shogaol, zingiberene, and zingerone make the ginger hot and peppery. It is also rich in in vitamin C and magnesium. .

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indigenous ground filter coffee powder

Earthrise Organics brings you pure Robusta Coffee Powder.Robusta Coffee Powder beans are grown in Nongpoh, located 60 km from Guwahati in Assam and 51 Kms from Shillong. It is a town found in the North of the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya, situated very close to the gorgeous Brahmaputra plains.These coffee beans are grown at an elevation of 485 meters (1591 feet) above sea level.

Robusta Coffee has a malty taste, with hints of berry and dark chocolate aftertaste. Robusta Coffee Powder beans are procured from one of our coffee partners Bah Shem.

Tasty coffee in just three simple steps:

1. Place a paper filter or a muslin cloth place over a tea strainer and add 2 tablespoons of the ground coffee into it.

2. Pour hot water and and let the coffee brew at its own pace.

3. After filtering you can add more hot water to the brew if you prefer black coffee. Or you can add some milk to it if that's you like your coffee.

And you're done! Enjoy your perfect cup of wild coffee.

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Why Indiantattva.....

Responsible Sourcing

“We term it responsible because we work directly with the authentic product Manufacturer Partners/Farmers .”

100% vegetarian

"To provide you with the best products, Indiantattva selects the absolute best quality vegetarian ingredients"

Safe Processing

"Mission of prioritizing good health, our products are free from unwanted artificial additives - pesticides, and insecticides"

100% Natural

"All pure and quality products are naturally processed with sustainable sourcing/farming methods".

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According to some historians, where did the first coffee crops take...

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What are the benefits of honey and black pepper?

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All You Need to Know About Turmeric and Its Skincare Benefits

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Customer Reviews

Simply Awesome !

Founder -Hie with Himani

Finally I got what I was looking for all these years. Something that has a natural fragrance and flavor that soothes my palate and enriches me and my family . Indian Tattva has handpicked the best across the country. ❤️ “Indiantattva”

Amazing Genuine Products

Founder - Yoga for Life

Amazing Genuine Products we have been using their products and are a big fan. Dried ginger powder has improved our immunity.

It tastes so Great

When it comes to authentic, unprocessed and Raw honey Indiantattva exotic wild flower honey is the best. It comes without any added sugar and is really good in taste.

Pure Gourmet Products

Country Manager - INDIA Suncontinent EMR Resources UK

After several attempt to source pure, I discovered Indiantattva profile. This was by far the best discovery as my newfound trust for this newfound company has grown immensely in last few weeks.



We Believe In Providing Customers High Quality Products at a very affordable prices to our customers sourced directly from family farms, without going through middlemen or distributors.


With 100% pure our products are fresh and directly come from farms. Our products grown and procured without artificial pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, chemicals or preservatives.


Indiantattva does not take chances with any kind of hazard – physical, chemical, or biological. We take every precaution to control them at every critical point in our product procurement & processing facilities.


We build sustainable alliance with farmers and procurement companies through high quality policy advocacy. We chooses whom to work with, partner with, to serve you in a way that makes a difference.