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Mustard Oil: a champion of health

Mustard Oil: a champion of health

Mustard oil’s unmistakable flavour and uniquely pungent character come from a molecule called sinigrin. When crushed, the sinigrin in mustard seeds converts into allyl isothiocyanate, the central compound of mustard oil and the reason it has that fiery punch.

It’s the allyl isothiocyanate that causes the tingling sensation in the nose after a sniff of pure mustard oil. This compound is also what makes mustard oil antibacterial and prevents the food from going stale. Another amazing health offering of mustard oil is its ability to protect internal organs from common bacteria that affect humans. Moreover, the compound present in mustard oil decreases body inflammation.

When talking about nutritional benefits, cold pressed slow ground mustard oil has rich levels of tocopherols, also commonly known as Vitamin E.

Acting as natural antioxidants, they help boost the immune system and prevent oxidative rancidity. This exact benefit is why the use of mustard oil for pickling is preferred. The process ensures the prevention of any fungal growth and the entry of microorganisms.

No trans-fats: the therapeutic boost 

Some of the biggest dietary paybacks of mustard oil come from the cold-press process of extracting oil from the seed. Called Kachi Ghani, it ensures that there are no trans-fats in the oil, making it entirely heart-friendly.

The optimum ratio of MUFA and PUFA promotes good cholesterol (HDL) and since the unsaturated fats also clear up cholesterol, it boasts of cardioprotective benefits as well.

Increased trans-fat can aggravate asthma and cause insulin failure as it elevates blood sugar levels. Mustard oil is a great option in this case, as it is trans-fat free and also ensures balanced blood sugar levels, linked to the probability of diabetes. Further, the lack of trans-fats has a positive association with slowing down cancer cells as well.

High smoke point: the protector

Most oils, when heated, start breaking down and oxidising, creating smoke that has free radicals – known to cause health problems like throat and eye irritation and increased risk of cancer.

Mustard oil has a high smoke point as its acidic value is minimal, making it better at preventing health complications.

A place at every table

With all these benefits, mustard oil clearly is a winner when it comes to choosing the right cooking oil for your family and self. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the SFA: MUFA: PUFA ratio of oil must be below 33%, above 33%, and about 33%.
Mustard oil stands tall from this nutritional point of view as it has the perfect profile of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids with low saturated fatty acids (SFA). Add in the presence of antioxidants & the absence of trans-fat, and its signature aroma and delicious kick of flavour, mustard oil deserves a place in every dish, every table and every kitchen. No wonder, it’s already a favorite across Indian homes.