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What is Ing Makhir? Meghalaya's Potent Indigenous Ginger

What is Ing Makhir? Meghalaya's Potent Indigenous Ginger

There are many types of ginger in India, but none comes close to the might of the Ing Makhir ginger of Meghalaya. What is Ing Makhir ginger? Why is it considered to be one of the best ginger varieties in India? Let us find out.

“Sying Makhir” or “Ing Makhir” as it is locally known by the people of Meghalaya is an indigenous ginger variety native to the hilly terrains of Meghalaya. It is scientifically known as Zingiber rubens. This ginger is known to be the best ginger variety in India.

The name Ing Makhir comes from the Khasi words “Sying” which means ‘ginger’ and “Makhir” which means ‘small’. The Pnar people from the Jaintia Hills call it “Ing Traw” which, again, translates to small ginger.

And it’s true actually. Ing Makhir ginger is small, sleek, and not big and bulky at all compared to regular ginger varieties. This particular feature makes it stand out from ordinary ginger. This particular ginger has very thin skin and is known to be very fibrous in nature making it perfect for powdering.

Ing Makhir Ginger can be found growing in most parts of Meghalaya, but it is abundantly found in villages along the Assam-Meghalaya border, villages such as Khatkasla and Sahsniang, Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya.

As mentioned above, this potent ginger variety is native to Meghalaya, so it is not readily found in other parts of India. However, the variety of ginger known as Bengal ginger does bear some similarities to Meghalaya’s Ing Makhir ginger although much research is yet to be done.

What makes Ing Makhir ginger special has to do with its accentuated chemical properties, more specifically the gingerol content. Gingerol is the chemical component present in ginger which is responsible for its medicinal properties such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ing Makhir ginger is known to possess a higher concentration of gingerol which renders it quite beneficial in terms of health benefits.

Another important aspect which makes the Ing Makhir ginger superior to regular ginger is the fact that it is considerably more rich and potent and extremely fibrous in nature. The fibrous nature of Ing Makhir makes it perfect for powdering and one whiff of this potent ginger is enough to tickle your senses.

It is this rich and potent nature of Ing Makhir which makes it an essential in traditional and more recently modern medicine.