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What is Raw Honey and How is it Different from Regular Honey

What is Raw Honey and How is it Different from Regular Honey

Honey, the molten golden semi-liquid natural sweetening agent, has been around the corner for centuries altogether. Since ancient times, it has been leveraged to enhance the color, flavor, and texture of the sweet delicacies, and became a must-have kitchen ingredient. 

Honey entails a plethora of health benefits and culinary usage. However, these can be availed of only when honey is consumed in its purest, raw, and natural form. Commercially available regular honey may not yield all the desired benefits. So, let’s delve deeper into raw honey vs regular honey.

Raw honey is ideally sourced from the honeycomb and is filled in bottles after filtering the impurities. The important point to note here is that no mechanical process is employed in sourcing raw honey; it is usually squeezed from the honeycomb structures by hand, and thus might still contain a trace of impurities. Thus, raw honey will ideally have a thicker texture compared to regular honey, which usually goes through commercial filtration processes. While raw wild honey is also known to contain bee propolis and bee pollen, which is used by the bees to hold the hives together, regular honey will have no such impurities. While regular honey may appear aesthetically enticing, clear, and transparent, raw honey has plenty of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

Commercially available honey variants, what you might find at any supermarket rack, undergo several steps of processing that often impact the nutritional and medicinal efficiency of certain ingredients in the honey. There is no doubt that these might look smoother and appealing, commercially marketed honey might not offer you the desired health benefits when compared to raw wild honey. Even though not all commercial honey brands are bad, you will have a hard time recognizing which ones are healthy and which ones are not.

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