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Wellness Gourmet Products from Earthrise Organics Private Limited | FREE SHIPPING in INDIA above Rs.1200/-| Enjoy Natural Taste & Aroma


Being lover of nature and natural products, we move with a zeal to provide authentic, non-adulterated, chemical free and reliable products straight from the farms or procured from the soil & nature for better life .

Our Mission is to create and supply food products that ensures wellness and heal the body. Our effort is to supply healthy gourmet which helps to align  Mind, Body and the Soul.

Our partners  grow crops / procure products using natural, organic and regenerative farming methods and we promote holistic living for the betterment of humanity.

Aligned with Nature, we combine both innovative and traditional farming techniques to promote chemical free nutrient dense crops and products, to make delicious food. 

"Tattva" is an element or aspect of reality & "indiantattva" (www.indiantattva.com) is the e-commerce platform for wellness and blissful living.

The company EARTHRISE ORGANICS PRIVATE LIMITED dreams to create something substantial and is a tribute to our INDIAN CULTURE and MOTHER NATURE. 

Our primary focus is on supplying high quality gourmet products and promote holistic living.

Our guiding principles in this work is to always be ethical. We always do what we believe is the right thing—which means the honest thing and the human thing!

We're bringing to you most authentic treasure of Gourmet hand-crafted in small batches with care.

Our efforts have harnessed love to create products available in their purest and natural form, made from naturally procured ingredients and create opportunities/ livelihood for local village farmers for living “A Better Life”.

What awaits you is an experiential journey with our Honey, Oil’s, Vedic Ghee, Spices, Jaggery, Lentils, Beans, Pulses, Grains, Rice etc. that are hand-crafted in small batches with utmost care and precision.