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Cold Press Oils

Black & Yellow Mustard Oil

How our oil is Pure, Natural and Unadulterated?

1. We only use First Extract ( 20% to 27%) from the Black Mustard Seeds & (25% to 30%) from the Yellow Mustard Seeds for giving you the purity and freshness of the oil.
2. We process the oil with Cold Press techniques keeping all nutrients and enzymes preserved from the seed.
3. Our Oil is Unadulterated as we our mustard seeds are free from Argemone Seeds.
4. We are giving you the product in glass bottle hence no use of plastics. Our oil has undergone eighteen lab tests.
5. We process our oils in small batches with proper hygiene for true aroma, freshness and health benefits thus mentioning the premium quality.
5. Apart from Cooking our oil is best for hair, skin and body care!

# We want people to stay nutritionally healthy and happy with an objective to care, protect value and transmit a healthy lifestyle!