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Wellness Gourmet Products from Earthrise Organics Private Limited | FREE SHIPPING in INDIA above Rs.1200/-| Enjoy Natural Taste & Aroma


Products ordered through our Website for delivery within India are shipped through our courier partner provided the destination is in a serviceable area.
In the absence of a courier service to the desired location, the products are shipped through the Indian Postal Service.

Shipping is only available within India. As an introductory offer indiantattva is providing "Free Shipping across India"  to "TEST & TASTE" our wellness products offering.

The shipping times mentioned on the Website are approximations and we cannot guarantee them. Customers are advised to place an order early if they have a deadline to meet.

Apart from shipping times, some products may also need time for production, procurement and packaging, which varies from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the production requirement and quantity ordered.

While we do our utmost to deliver your products to you within 14 days, unforeseen circumstances may cause unexpected delays.

Free Shipping offer floated on different occasions and on a particular amount products purchase. 

All product are packaged and shipped with utmost precautions and trusted methods keeping in mind your safety and wellness.